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A Boy Named Bobby: Adventures of Growing Up in the 40's and 50's by Robert L Sims

Gilbert E. Suzanne Rosenwasser. Ben L. Also, the Library of Congress has a cartoon section for comic strips; I cannot add the link here but do a search for Library of Congress Cartoon America. Their librarians may be able to give you more information. Back in the s there was a cartoon in fhe Sunday "funnies" of a large female cat in love with a skinny little mouse.

Any idea what it wad called. Trying to find out some info about something my husband says his Mum called her brother when he was tormenting her.

She called him Moz Mos which referred to "the ugliest pig in the world" and it stuck as his nickname. Was curious to find out what the programme or book was that this came from Hi, Rick I suggest contacting used bookstores online -- Alibris comes to mind but there are others. I have had luck in finding titles from obscure memories, because the merchants can do a special search on a program geared for these titles, which include keywords.

I would think the cartoon keywords would come up in a number of selections. As always, I invite our readers here to add their knowledge of whatever they think might help in everyone's search. It was around 10 x17 in size. The cover was orange with various characters floating on the cover. I can't remember the name and its driving me crazy. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Decades ago, I saw an old black and white cartoon of a little girl expected to practice playing a violin, but she ties the bow to a dog's tail, so it sounds like she is playing it as the dog wags the tail.

She falls asleep, where she has instruments and musical notes chasing her with the song lyrics that I remember "Music, can't live without music, can't escape when you got music following you. Does anyone recognize it? Hi, Sue, thank you for your comment. I cannot accommodate this memory but perhaps one of our readers has seen this cartoon? I am trying to find an old cartoon that had characters that were like fireballs, but animated as if human. I don't know how old but I watched as kid in late 60s and early 70s, thinking it just had music, no voices, and these Fire characters were unique to me Do you have any information about a black and white cartoon featuring two wristwatches?

One is a Doctor's watch and the other is an Acrobat's watch.

I would have seen the airing of this in the mid 60's on, but I am uncertain of the creator of the dating of the cartoon. I'm now The majority of my Saturday tv watching was in the s. The depth and variety literally back then was amazing as I think about it. Race cars, sleuths, a variety of live action shows. You name it.

Martial arts. People who flew in bird clothes. Some prescient shows about future technologies. A little bit of everything. Someone who went from being a kid to an adult and back again. I can't think of it at the moment, but I have a memory of something like that too, and now it's "buzzing" around in my head. Readers, can you help us out here? I got a picture in my head of an old cartoon character who has flies in and out of his mouth when he speaks.

Does anyone have a recollection of this?