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You can create functions inside the model that are then called by the template, giving you complete control over how your templates render without cluttering them with logic.

GCHQ 100th anniversary: Secrets, spies and special dust

In addition, while Dust is waiting to load a template, it can continue rendering the rest of the page asynchronously. After loading is complete, the missing template will be seamlessly added.

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If you make HTTP requests to an external data source, Dust will continue to render the template while it waits for the request to complete. Finally, Dust has a Node Streams-compliant interface to allow you to pipe its output incrementally. So, you can flush the output of a large template piece-by-piece to the browser to reduce the time the user stares at a blank screen.

Dust & Grooves - Adventures in Record Collecting

It leverages the inherent randomness of an ensemble of nanoscale systems to generate a large and unique identifier that is simply too complex to duplicate. Non-toxic, inert diamond material.

Carbon itself is FDA-approved as a safe additive for oral dosages. Our team combines years of research experience at the forefront of applied physics with recent technology development for DARPA to create an unmatched security product.

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