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Don't worry about being rude if you feel uncomfortable - I've seen plenty of Italian women giving the wolf whistlers a bit of mostly comic verbal abuse, so ignoring them shouldn't be so bad!

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As the above have said it is normally friendly banter and really up to you how you then want to handle things. It's part of the Italian male scene I suppose you could say that it's in their genesor is it Jeans!!!! Thanks all for your advice! My guess was that flirting is a hobby or past-time for the men of Milan , and that it shouldn't be taken too seriously. Another thing that crossed my mind, do married men engage in this, and if so, is it openly in front of their wives? I'm guessing not. I'm always fascinated to see how different cultures operate and these things to me are often more interesting than seeing a building or a museum.

Susie in answer to your question, yes married, single, and anything inbetweenthey all do it to a greater or less degree. I have lots of married male friends who will quite happily do lots of touching and hugging which I could not quite work out at the start either. Compliments and names like cara, carissima dear and darling are also banded around which is often lovely to hear when you need a cheer up.

They will tell you quite openly that you look lovely, elegant etc and I have learned to accept it for what it is and learned how to deal with it.

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However, from a stanger it is best to ignore it and laugh it off unless they become offensive with it. Not all the men in Italy whether they're italian of foreigners try that approach, otherwise there would be an unbearable roar in the background : :. And some of those who appoach you that way actually do not want to pay respect to your beaty there much more elegant ways but just want to peddle something OOmn thank you for putting it in another way and infact your saying that ciao bella is used by a lower class is very true.

I must admit that I lap up the compliments and the cara and carissima etc because I know they are being said by sincere people whom I know and trust. There is nothing nicer than a friend greeting you with ciao bellissima or carissima but ciao bella in the street is very low and I too would ignore or treat with some contempt if they became persistant. I hsd to chuckle at your post because I thought the peacocks in Rome were bad news.

At the Fontana de Trevi they were in groups and were having a grand time flirting with every woman who passed by. Mostly they were ignored which is probably best. It's usually meant as a compliment and most women will walk on but basically will be happy about it and will start worrying when they reach a certain age and this does not happen anymore It's more frequent in Rome and down south, I'm actually surpised it happened in Milan.

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This is a good example of how the word is used. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word.

The Player: 'Fire Emblem: Three Houses' is Nintendo at its most flirtatious - Los Angeles Times

The sentence contains offensive content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. She had a lively , outgoing manner and was a bit flirtatious at times. She's very flirtatious. Related words flirtatiously.

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Translations of flirtatious in Chinese Traditional. Need a translator? Translator tool. What is the pronunciation of flirtatious? That vote is due Thursday, Senate officials said.

Photos: Who's who in the Petraeus scandal. Marks: 'Bizarre' communication for Allen The investigation into Allen is in its early stages, but authorities are looking into some 20, to 30, pages of documents, a defense official told CNN.

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It is not clear how many of those include potentially inappropriate communications. King: President should have been told Central Command. Who is Paula Broadwell? Allen conducted a lot of legitimate business. Broadwell's questionable Benghazi line The potentially inappropriate messages were "flirtatious" in nature, a defense official who has been authorized to speak on the matter told CNN. Sources familiar with Kelley have said the relationship between the two was not sexual. One said their communications were not of a sexual nature, while another allowed that the e-mails were flirtatious.

That Allen is remaining in command in Afghanistan suggests that there is no criminal issue, another U. But the official said the Defense Department's inspector general, an agency watchdog, could still find evidence of criminal conduct. While the nature of the relationship between Allen and Kelley, if any, is unclear, evidence of an affair could subject the general to military prosecution.

Adultery is a violation of military law. Central Command is headquartered. Both Petraeus and Allen were previously stationed at the base. A Central Command spokesman said she is a volunteer with no official position. The woman at center of Petraeus scandal More details emerge in Petraeus scandal Kimmit: Petraeus affair shows he's human Events leading to Petraeus resignation Timeline of the Petraeus affair. He described his sister as a dedicated mother and said it would be "completely uncharacteristic" for her to have an affair.