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We thought he was just simply "lazy" or to attached to the internet and other distractions with a lack of self control when he did not hand in homework, while, in reality he had difficulty to extend his short attention span. We thought he did not pay any effort or even try when he could not learn how to tie his shoe laces or how to sweep up a room, while actually he was struggling with weak motor skills and poor body coordination. We thought he lying when he denied things when the truth was starring him in his face, such as denying not brushing his teeth when we could see his tooth brush was bone dry.

We thought he was so rude when he showed some awkward speech or other socially unacceptable behavior, while he had no way to understand a neural typical person's standard and lack of the social skills to start, carry, and end a conversation. Worst of all, we thought he is such a disrespecting rebelling teenager when he mumbled or gave a "don't know" to any questions he was asked, while he is actually lacking the abilities in comprehension and verbal expression.

At 12 years old after 7th grade, he moved to a suburb of Los Angeles, where he lived in boredom and despair, attending 3 more schools before being taken to Asia for a year for not only more boredom and despair, but a great spiritual adventure and world-class sightseeing. Now, having all but given up his childhood dreams to start a car company and be its chief designer, he attends Mount San Antonio College in an attempt to get some sort of degree and become his own self-supporting man. He still, however, loves cars and music, especially hip-hop, and enjoys writing, especially rhythmically applied poetry.

Convert currency. Add to Basket. Book Description Condition: New. Seller Inventory n. More information about this seller Contact this seller. Condition: New. Language: English. Brand new Book. Victims of Asperger's Syndrome are often misunderstood and ridiculed. As you follow this mother and son's amazing journey, you will also learn about many ancient Chinese legends, history, culture.

This book has so much to offer. It's hard to believe that a boy who brought home report cards since elementary school containing teachers comments such as;"a bright boy, but. Seller Inventory APC New Book. Shipped from UK. Established seller since Seller Inventory IQ To reach transform-ability all the data in this study was collected precisely so that another person reviewing this research could easily do a follow up.

In during the data collection and analysis, selected first interview was analyzed to identify missed or obscure parts, potential themes, and any disagreements. Next, the discussions were carried out about the need for much clarification. Later interviews were conducted by highlighted points from the first interview.

In the first step, all manuscripts derived from interviews in order to attain a general notion were read and reread by the researchers and interpretational abstracts were written for each text. Written interpretation was developed along with interviews and rewriting the manuscripts.

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Then, the whole paragraph would be reviewed and a general theme would be derived from the texts. These themes were discussed and confirm by the research group. Also, any conflict in opinion among researchers was considered. At this stage the process of assigning code names was fulfilled. Researchers compared the themes to find similarities and differences between derived meanings from all texts by revising the main texts. The achieved text was verified by the researcher group.

Interpretive writings were discussed continuously and interpretive reports of the group were refined. Written consent was obtained from all participants especially for voice record. Participants were also assured that their information was confidential and they would have the right to withdraw from the study at any time. Audio files were saved with nicknames and were transformed to text by the researchers and only ones that had access to the computer files were the researchers.

It was explained in terms of three sub-themes each of which was supported by common meanings. The summery of sub-themes and common meanings have been shown in Table 2.

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The journey of spirituality that the mothers in this study were began with the wondering between what is and what will be. Pain and suffering related to the life and care of autistic children, have broken down the world of mothers in this study and it changed the meaning of their lives.

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Endless grief and sorrow of all the participants began just after diagnosis of disability in children and it was developed in all aspects of their lives. Also, they lost their hope and seemed very confused because of not being aware of what will happen to their children. I always asked myself and God why my kid should be like this. Why my baby should get through this way. It was an unanswered question.

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  2. Searching the Far Horizon: A One Year Journey of Discovery from a Boy with Asperger's Syndrome.
  3. Our stories shine a light on challenges and victories.
  4. I realized that my child has a problem, but I did not admit. How should I accept? Due to this subject I was so upset.

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    What am I doing that my child likes this? I am suffering from this issue. I tried not to say my child was ill. I did not want to admit it but I had. I had not any other choices. Maybe his disease gets better someday so what should I say? Everything done for a sick child is useless. We do everything without any result and hope. I do not have any cheer. Totally I reached the point where I do not like to train him.


    I do not know anything about the future; my child will not be healthy. I have not any hope for the future. Mothers, in this study through the initial involvement, continued their spiritual journey with connecting to deity. Indeed, they came along with this disorder and becoming calm by entrusting their hearts to God. Some of the participants considered the existence of child as a divine test in their lives. They also considered it as a duty that was given to them by God. Maybe God wanted him to be like this. The only thing that helps me is relaying on God right now.

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    Faith in God helped me to get along with the problems. We should do our best and leave the rest to God. When I am sad, I pray, I send blessings. I am trying to help myself in this way and get along with my sadness. I told myself that it is not a big problem. As God gave this disease to my child will give her the cure too. Maybe God want to examine me. My beliefs give me the power to face with everything that occurs every day.

    6 Tips for Teaching Children with Autism

    We should be thankful for everything even when everything is bad. The participants continued their path arising to spirituality level. That means they have considered the process of caring the child as a responsibility that was given to them in their life and none of them replace caring the child with surrender to God. However most of them believed that they should do something to help the children to reach the destination peak in any possible way.

    Also, mothers of this study that were offered by a little professional support and assistance for caring the sick child, took care of their children according to their internal feelings, in other words inner voice would be the guide for them in terms of caring for the child.

    I think what should I do for his problem? What can I do for him to get better? I imagine good future for my son.