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Please, let us go to the Jordan, and let every man take a beam from there, and let us make there a place where we may dwell.

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And when they came to the Jordan, they cut down trees. For it was borrowed. The ax head represents the power of God; the anointing of God working through us. But if the ax gets dull you cannot succeed in ministry. If the ax is dull, And one does not sharpen the edge, Then he must use more strength; But wisdom brings success. Ecclesiastes When Elisha threw the stick into the water there was a supernatural exchange.

The young prophet humbled himself admitting he lost that which he had borrowed. He was remorseful and repentant. There was a supernatural exchange through the power of repentance. Restoration took place and the ax head floated to the top, which is impossible.

When they got off course all progress halted. Their spiritual life stopped and they lacked faithfulness and intimacy with God. Once the ax head floated to the surface Elisha told the young prophet to pick it up. In other words, quit mumbling and complaining about the past. You have repented now pick up the anointing and move on. The fact that some have gotten off course becomes ancient history once they repent of it. Now its time to grab hold of His garment and move with the anointing.

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Put your hand into the river of God and flow with His Spirit. The sons of the prophets were raised up to turn the nation to God. As they grew in the anointing they outgrew their school and were ready to be released into ministry. It was time for them to begin to disciple others. Now they stood at the bank of the River Jordan.

It was no accident one of them broke his borrowed ax. It was necessary for Elisha to perform a prophetic act in this place. Here Elisha represents the Father that prunes away the branch so it will bear more fruit and be more productive. The tree can no longer bear fruit without the Holy Spirit. We need the power of God to get the job done. The Jordan represents the river of God and resurrection power.

When Elisha threw the stick in the water supernaturally the ax head, that represents the power and anointing, emerged. But he told the young prophet to pick it up. By faith he had to pick up the anointing. In the same way Elisha had to pick up the mantle of Elijah when he was taken up in the chariot. Elijah was a father to Elisha and he was father to these young prophets.

At the close of 2 Kings chapter 5 Naaman, commander of the Syrian army, had just been healed of leprosy in the River Jordan. Gehazi lied to Elisha after he misused his authority and cheated Naaman. Gehazi lost his position as servant to Elisha and received the curse of leprosy.

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He was pruned and bore not fruit. John You see the young prophet passed the pruning because he humbled himself, repented then picked up the anointing. When he reached down into the River Jordan he was anointed for supernatural ministry. As I pulled out of my parking place I noticed the license plate on the car beside me — Then on my ride home I continued to see a series of double numbers; , , , , and several more.

The Lord began speaking to me about the double blessing — the Elisha anointing. I believe that time is upon the body of Christ now. There is no more delay. Ask God to reveal where you got off course and where you lost the anointing. Then humble yourself, repent, pick up the anointing and move on. You are not the stick cast into the river; you are the anointed ax head sharpened and ready for resurrection power. Thank you, very special Reply.

Marcia April 19, Thank you so you have inspired me so much. Every one would covet to dwell with him and be near him.

Those that would be teachers should lay out themselves to get the best advantages for learning. With growth we always experience growing pains, particularly the need for more space and resources to continue the growth of reaching, teaching, and building people in the Lord. Growth is always exciting and a desired commodity in ministry. It can be a sign of a spiritually-healthy church, but in our consumer-oriented society that so often depends on Madison Avenue tactics for growth, we must guard against evaluating success or the work of God by names, nickels, and noses.

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The strength and value of any school or church is never its methods or it facilities or its nickels financial resources or names who belongs to our church. What counts with the Lord is the message being proclaimed and the biblical change taking place in the character of the people as measured by the Word of God, our index for faith and practice. Bill Hull writes:. The all-too-common measure of greatness is the number of people gathered for worship. First, numbers themselves do not indicate greatness. Large groups can gather for any number of events, such as lynchings, mob riots, or Tupperware parties.

The second flaw of such a superficial measure is that you have asked the wrong question.

The Lost Axe Head (2 Kings ) | oqemezohom.tk

Fourth, their approach to solving their problem of space shows us a lot about the character of these men, which also speaks highly of the quality and nature of their training. Though without much by way of financial resources the lost axe head had to be borrowed , they were industrious and hard working. Their lack of resources did not stop them. Each man was willing to do his part to help meet the need. Yet they undoubtedly were ultimately resting in the resources God would supply. Further, their humility is seen in that what they were seeking to build was rather simple and rustic. They simply wanted facilities that would meet their needs.

Once upon a time there were four men named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody.

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There was an important job to be done and Everybody was asked to do it. But Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it. But Nobody did it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody and Nobody did the job that Anybody could have done in the first place. Though they too were prophets, they realized their need of the wisdom and support of their mentor and teacher. Finally, in the consternation of the man over the loss of his axe head, we see a refreshing picture of honesty, respect for the property of others, and trustworthiness.

I have seen highly gifted young people, some who were in training preparing for the ministry, either lose or break equipment that had been borrowed and without permission I might add and never even mention it or offer to replace it. Giftedness can never replace integrity, for spiritual character is what is needed to authenticate our message. It shows that the message has impacted the messenger. Note, we ought to be as careful of that which is borrowed as of that which is our own, that it receives no damage, because we must love our neighbour as ourselves and do as we would be done by. It is likely this prophet was poor, and had not wherewithal to pay for the axe, which made the loss of it so much the greater trouble.

To those that have an honest mind the sorest grievance of poverty is not so much their own want or disgrace as their being by it rendered unable to pay their just debts. Not only did Elisha give his permission for the project, but he was also willing to accompany them in order to lend his support and encouragement.

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